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We would like to tell you a little bit about the Promotions Committee and how you can help. There are also tips and ideas to help you sell tickets. We meet regularly during the run up to each show, listed below are many of the things we organise.

 Arrange for posters and booking forms to be put in public places

Arrange local leaflet drops for the week prior to the show

Arrange publicity and front of house photographs.

Contact press, radio stations and local TV companies

 Contact all relevant websites to advertise the show

Organise banners and bill boards for surrounding areas

Do front of house and theatre window displays

Send out mail shots to schools, groups and our database

As a member you are required to sell 10 tickets, this however is a minimum and we would strongly urge all members to sell as many as possible. This isn’t always easy so we have a list of ideas to help you:

 Give everyone you know a booking form

Put posters and booking forms up at work or in local schools/shops/libraries etc.

Do a leaflet drop of your own around the houses near your home

E-mail friends and relatives – look out for the electronic booking form and e-shot which is sent to all members and send this on

Share and Like photos on the ‘Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company’ Facebook page and SCMTC Twitter feed. One of our posts for Made in Dagenham had 9000 views!

If you are a member of a group or organisation, arrive early or stay late and give everyone a booking form

If you have a work website or newsletter, find out if you can promote the show in it

Keep booking forms in your car/bag at all times

Follow people up nearer the show; they often forget and just need a reminder of the dates

Take a chance – met someone new? Then tell them about the show. Some of our most loyal audience members are grateful they know about cheap, professional theatre!

Don’t forget to sell your 10 tickets even if you are not in the current production

Above all BE POSITIVE. Remain enthusiastic when speaking to people about it and hopefully it will rub off on them. Often the shows that the members aren’t as keen on, the audiences love!