We are thrilled to launch Sutton Coldfield Musical Youth Theatre (SCMYT).

 A new group set up to help provide opportunities and skills to the creative youth of Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

SCMYT will create opportunities for 11 to 18 year olds to excel in all aspects of musical theatre.

We will support children as they prosper in their chosen field, whether this is performing on stage or getting involved with the production side, such as sound and light technician, backstage crew, props, costumes, make up and hair.

We want our young people to gain real transferable skills that they can use in the future which will help them stand out from the crowd in many walks of life.

The goal is to have youth at the core of this group. We will encourage and empower them to become decision makers. To ‘own’ their chosen role for their duration of time with us. The adults within the group will as often as possible, manage from a ‘metaphorical’ distance, exhibiting a more guiding, supportive and mentoring stance.

Every individual is as important as the next in our society and we want them to know that! It’s not all about the principals receiving the applause. That applause is for everyone! We will work as a team both on and off stage.

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall will be our home and the we will continue to work closely with the Town Hall management and staff in order to support them in their quest to continually improve this beautiful building, whilst they in turn do all they can to support our vision in getting the best from our young people.

Rehearsals & Costs

Our rehearsals will take place every Thursday at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall 7pm till 9.30pm. There will be the need for some Sunday morning rehearsals, particularly as we get closer to the show.


In order for the company to run, members of the company will pay £4.50 a week. Youth membership subs are £108 per show.

Subscription fees cover the rehearsal venue hire and chaperoning costs for each child. The fees will need to be paid by BACS and can be split up to make things easier if you wish, however all payments should be completed by 31/03/20.